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HQD Cuvie Plus Red Ice is the next step up in size from the Cuvie, with a 950mAh battery and 1200 puffs. The Cuvie Plus has a refined look and feels thanks to its sleek form and aluminium case. For the ultimate vape experience, the Cuvie Plus comes with a comfortable mouthpiece. This model is ideal for the intermediate vaper who enjoys smoking with friends or whenever the situation calls for it.

Enjoy your vape without the stench of nicotine; no need to cover up with cologne or try to hide the evidence. Cuvie Plus has 38 different flavours to pick from, and you may mix and match flavours in the value bundle to test a few different ones.

Unlike cigarettes, you can take a few puffs of your vape and put it away for later use. Switching to vapes provides the best value for money because you can control when and how many puffs you take. Perfect for anyone trying to quit smoking because you have more control over your usage, giving you back control. Make the switch to vapes today and see for yourself; you will not be disappointed.

HQD – Cuvie Plus (1200 puff) Features:

Size: 28 x 18 x 101mm
Battery: 950mAh
Input voltage: 3.7V
Power range: 7W-12W
Puffs: 1200
Resistance: 1.8 Ohms
Weight: 20g
Flavor: 31 flavors available

Package Includes:
1 x HQD Cuvie Plus disposable Vape per pack

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